WIW 4/6 Clear, sheer and camo

Going to a wine tasting this afternoon, then dinner with a friend. We're going to check out a new, highly rated Asian fusion restaurant.
Clear lucite necklace with grey leather straps, Improvd sheer white jacket, black vneck long sleeve tshirt, Christopher Kane for JBrand grey camo skinnies, Maison Martin Margiela lucite heeled tabi boots and Lanvin dove grey purse.
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  • Jules replied 5 years ago
    Love all the elements but the total package? Amazing! And so flattering. I like that subtle take on camo, I could actually do that (not a hug fan of camo for myself).
  • Kristin L replied 5 years ago
    Very nice. I noticed the toe in the full length pic. It's very unique and looks great!
  • Nicole D replied 5 years ago
    That jacket is beautiful. Sexy and very flattering.  Lucite bookends.
  • Transcona Shannon replied 5 years ago
    I absolutely love this combo on you Anna - softness and sheerness of the white top with the camo is soooooo cool. 
  • Jonesy replied 5 years ago
    This looks gorgeous! Love the mix of tough and ethereal and whackadoodle (the boots supply that, in the best possible way). Love what you're doing with your bangs.
  • CocoLion replied 5 years ago
    I love that sheer white jacket on you, it's got both cool factor and figure flattery going on at the same time.  Definitely bookmark that one for a date night.

    And the lucite tabis combined with the lucite and leather necklace bookend so well!  And the Lanvin bag plus the grey camos... well, this is a perfectly coordinated outfit.
  • Angie replied 5 years ago
    I also love the sheer white jacket matched with camo print, Lucite and gorgeous bag!

    I want to hear all about the restaurant. Which one is it? We are going to Terra Plata tonight. My new fave is Bar Del Corso.
  • Diana replied 5 years ago
    Oh, I LOVE this, Anna.  The light/white take on camo is so refreshing and lovely, especially with the pops of black.  Your hair looks really good too.
  • Caro in Oz replied 5 years ago
    Love this - so cool & flattering.
  • Krista replied 5 years ago
    I love this, Anna! Clear, sheer and camo is definitely your look.  Have fun!
  • Spiffy replied 5 years ago
    So cool. so flattering. amazing. 
  • Marigold replied 5 years ago
    Very edgy (cannot get over those boots!) and very you ;). Have fun! 
    I have a question re: your hair if you do not mind? Is it wavy or you do something for that tousled look? I need ideas for mine!
  • shevia replied 5 years ago
    Oh Jonesy beat me to my first thought: ethereal and edgy at the same time. Perfect for a date night too! Really beautiful Anna.
  • Thistle replied 5 years ago
    I third ethereal and edgy!  Love the sheer jacket!
  • Sarah A replied 5 years ago
    I remember when you posted a link to these boots! How cool to see them styled. I lovethe softness of the outfit elements/colors paired with the lucite. Super combo! Have a fun night :)
  • Makrame replied 5 years ago
    This is fabulous - fresh and spring-like yet edgy!  I especially like the jacket although the entire outfit is great!
  • Debbie replied 5 years ago
    This is one of my favorite outfits you have posted. Love everything about it.
  • Deborah replied 5 years ago
    Wow Anna, this is great.  I love the grey camo, I find it has a touch of elegance to it due to the shade.  Those boots are amazing but I do still find them a touch disturbing, but in a good way.
  • rae replied 5 years ago
    Super cool sweater! Love the effect with the camo pants... like mist over the desert. Which I guess maybe shouldn't happen but makes for a nice moody, surreal picture in my head. 

    How did your pub crawl go?
  • Suz replied 5 years ago
    Love this, Anna. The grey camo is so (oddly) gentle -- love what Rae said - mist over desert. 

    Hope you had a fantastic time. 
  • Tanya replied 5 years ago
    Love everything about this outfit Anna!  It looks edgy and soft at the same time.  Really like the lighter version of the camo skinnies - perfect.
  • siniestra replied 5 years ago
    did you do something to your hair? looks awesome 
    and loving your outfit! lightweight simple in color but have some amazing details!!! 
  • Kari replied 5 years ago
    Yes, I'd love to hear about the restaurant too - where did you end up going, and how was it?

    I like how you have incorporated very urban-looking pieces in softer, subdued colors here - a fun look.
  • Kari replied 5 years ago
    (As an aside - I have VERY ticklish feet, and looking at the toe-separating boots is making me squirm with phantom tickles!  Needless to say, I can't wear thong sandals either.)
  • Scarlet replied 5 years ago
    I really like how you played off the lucite heel in this outfit. 
  • rachylou replied 5 years ago
    Anna, this outfit is great! It really showcases the tabi boots just right.
  • catgirl replied 5 years ago
    Fantastic!  Lucite heels = so cool.  How do they hold up to wear?
  • Aida replied 5 years ago
    Oh I love this! Soft colors, edgy cuts. Lucite bookending is pretty fun, too :)
  • Mona replied 5 years ago
    Such a brilliant combo of camo and sheer could only come from you, Anna! You look wonderful.

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