WIW 5/18 Daytime

Order of the day, go buy all the food for the party. Cheese, French bread, pate, veggies and strawberries.
Wearing my white moto jacket, ALC twisted hem striped sweater, Club Monaco fancy sweatpants, Laurence Dacade patchwork boots (are you sick of them yet) and Zara mixed necklace from Austin meet-up.

I bought clothes today...

but didn't break SYC. I wear Target tank tops (thanks Janet for tipping me off on those) under my scrubs and under my sacroiliac belt, so the belt won't rub against raw skin. I used to have a two week supply when I was working 4-10's, now that I'm doing 5-8's I needed a couple more. I got hot pink and neon orange.
They did have a bunch Prabal Gurung stuff on clearance in my size, but I held fast. Also bought some self-tanner on sale so I don't scare the Austinites with my northwest winter white legs.