WIW 6/14 Brunch-a-munch

Met Jenava for brunch, with the obligatory mimosas.

TopShop cropped tee, H&M high waisted denim shorts.
These Sigerson Morrison sandal boots are now about five years old, when the company was run by the namesake designers. I remember Angie at the time advised against them. But I wear them every summer, and now this year they're everywhere. 


WIW 6/6, sailoresque

Going to a BBQ this evening. 
Wearing my new H&M gold buttoned sailor shorts, ancient Zara t-shirt, Chloe sunglasses and ancient Matt Bernson gladiator sandals. I tried my Teva flatforms first but they just didn't quite go, too casual.
Ignore the super glamourous bags of potting soil on the balcony.


WIW, size 14 pants 90's style

So here are the size 14 H&M wide leg cropped pants. I decided to keep the Stella McCartney espadrille sneakers. They're actually really comfortable so far as I was able to run for the bus in them.
T-shirt is true vintage concert from the mid nineties, yikes that was a long time ago. It was the David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails concert. I was living in Portland, OR at the time. My roommate was sorta dating a guy but basically using him for free dinners. Anyways he was a huge David Bowie fan and got tickets for them. I was walking home and she was already in his car heading off to the concert. She jumped out and told me to go the concert with him. I'm pretty sure he was very surprised, but was on the meek side so didn't protest. We had general admission tickets on the floor. Trent Reznor started the concert. Guy didn't care and left me on the floor for that part and went in search of those crappy arena plastic cheese nachos. It was a bit uncomfortable to be alone, surrounded by tons of screaming fifteen year old boys singing at the top of their lungs " I want to **** like an animal" Guy came back in time for David Bowie, who during that tour was not doing his old material. Though there was an absolute amazing variation on "Under Pressure" So I still have the t-shirt and the weird memory. Needless to say their relationship didn't last long.
Worn with a Turkish collar necklace, American Apparel dark purple clutch, and Karen Walker sunglasses.
To be truly nineties I wore brown lipstick, but will probably switch to purple for going out tonight. 
Sorry morning pictures not the best light.


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