WIW 3/21 crooked pics

Ok I didn't set my camera up right on the tripod this morning. I almost wasn't going to post it because they're so bad, but here goes. 
I'm wearing a cardigan over a cardigan. 
The over cardigan is a vintage Cowhican sweater that was my mother's from the early 70's. It is an amazing thick wool. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cowichan_knitting

Underneath, Woolly minded leather trimmed black and blue striped leather trimmed cardigan, giant black alpaca scarf, Sass and Bide faded black skinnies, and Laurence Decade patchwork denim boots.
I had no events planned for today, but a last minute facebook appeal pulled together an awesome happy hour with friends. Good friends make all the the difference in life, truly.

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  • catgirl replied 5 years ago

    Glad you had a nice evening!  I would have come along. :)  Cute  outfit perfect for night out with good friends.

  • rabbit replied 5 years ago

    You look very huggable, and those boots are sooo awesome (really like them with the skinnies).   Glad you had a good night with friends!

  • cciele replied 5 years ago

    I love how you mix vintage and trendy! Happy hour with friends sound like a great way to spend the evening :)

  • JAileen replied 5 years ago

    Beautiful sweater!

  • Kiwichik replied 5 years ago

    The boots, the boots my kingdom for the boots.

  • Jeanie replied 5 years ago

    That is a gorgeous sweater.  I love that it has history.  Sweater from mom, time with friends....priceless. 

  • CocoLion replied 5 years ago

    OMG!  This is amazing!  I love the pattern mix between the sweater and the boots.  The colors near your face are superb, and the legging jeans look super attractive.  I love the casual vintage vibe of the sweater, its oversized fit is perfectly on trend.  I nominate this one of your best of 2014.

  • El Cee replied 5 years ago

    The vintage Cowichan sweater is gorgeous. (I enjoyed reading the Wiki link). That it was your mom's makes it all the more special and beautiful. Your whole outfit is amazing. Hope you had a fabulous night out. Your last sentence rings so true! ("Good friends make all the the difference in life, truly.")

  • viva replied 5 years ago

    Fab outfit, so lush and interesting, very Anna!
    I am inspired to wear a vintage sweater of my mom's today. Look for it. ;)

  • Karie replied 5 years ago

    Fantastic outfit made even better by the fact that the sweater was your mom's. 

    Good friends do make all the difference :)

  • Angie replied 5 years ago


    Although this outfit is boho-ish, it's not Bohemian. It's Architectural Boho. Most of your outfits have an Architectural integrity. I hereby crown you Queen Architectural.

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Ooh - Queen Architectural! Love it. 

    The second I clicked on the thread I saw the sweater and figured it was your mom's. I love that you have your mom's and dad's sweaters. 

    I still wear a cashmere sweater that was my husband's in the 70s (long before I ever knew him.) Totally unpilled and in great condition still. So warm I can really only wear for outdoor stuff. 

  • Tanya replied 5 years ago

    What a stunning sweater.  Love the vibe of the whole outfit.

  • leopardluxe replied 5 years ago

    Love the sweater! The whole outfit looks warm and comfy. Perfect for happy hour with friends!

  • Aubergine replied 5 years ago

    Ooooh, that sweater! Such a cozy look, yet so modern.

  • Ariadne replied 5 years ago

    Oh, I love this.  I'm from the area where Cowichan sweaters originated, so they have a special place in my heart and it makes me happy to see you rocking one.  I want one of my own very badly--a genuine one like this, not one of the knock-offs from brands like TNA that are everywhere. I've thought of starting a thread on them several times but figured they wouldn't appeal to the forum.  Clearly (happily) I was wrong.  

    This is a lovely children's book about Cowichan knitting:

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